last update: 31.03.2017

Sue Wilson, 49 years old, from Dorset

For many years, I suffered from anxiety. I had difficulty falling asleep and was barely able to sleep for more than three hours at a time. When I woke up, my brain would somehow go on overload, a million thoughts would go through my head and I'd find it difficult to get back to sleep. This sleeping disorder got so bad that I'd dread going to bed, as I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. This meant that my pulse was already racing from just getting into bed. Of course, this became a vicious circle and made falling asleep even more difficult. The “fear of the fear” is a horrible situation I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy!

Sleep problems can occur without any identifiable reasons. This is how it was in my case at the time. In retrospect, I think the stress I was under at the time and this burn-out situation must have been to blame for my insomnia.

I tried everything, yet, night after night, I just lay awake in bed. I tried tranquilisers such as valerian, sleeping pills such as melatonin, mood-lifters such as St. John’s wort, and many, many more products on the market. Too many to count and perhaps pointless to describe in further detail, as I'd prefer to report what actually did help me to conquer my sleep problems: amino acids.

I was really fortunate to have met someone who had been through and overcome similar problems to those I was experiencing. He was able to help by recommending natural amino acids, as a nutritional supplement. This friend was unbelievably helpful to me. It was great to be able to compare notes with someone who could really understand sleep disorders and all of the suffering associated with them. I hope that my experience with insomnia will also help you a bit in this regard. It's always a relief to know that you are not alone with your troubles.

These pure, natural amino acids really benefitted me with the nerve-wracking fight against insomnia. I am so relieved! Granted, it took around 2 ½ months before I could actually get a good night's sleep again. But still. For about a year now, I have not had any fear of falling asleep. I also no longer have problems sleeping through the night and can sleep for many hours at a time – and even if I wake up, I quickly find the inner calm again to fall back asleep. After all, I am certain that I am benefitting my body with amino acids and that all of the vital metabolic processes function better, even with lack of sleep. This is very comforting and also has an effect on the day. I am more even-tempered and high-performing and my mood and my nerves have improved enormously.

I am certain that the natural amino acids have helped me out of my vicious circle. If you have any questions or suggestions on the subject of sleep, please write me an e-mail at:

Yours sincerely,
Sue Wilson


P.S. It would be really great to compare notes with fellow sufferers on the subject of sleep disorders, which is the whole purpose of this really. I am not interested in receiving advertising e-mails in the slightest! I hope you can understand this and I look forward to receiving your messages!

P.P.S. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the many kind e-mails. It is good to know that I'm not entirely alone with my problems, worries and fears. I would like to take this opportunity to provide a few general tips on the subject of sleep and mood, which have established themselves as being particularly helpful with the exchange of experience:

  • For example, "Say Goodnight to Insomnia" by distinguished sleep researchers, Gregg D.Jacobs and "Treatment of Late-Life Insomnia" by Prof. Kenneth L. Lichstein and Dr. Charles M. Morin are to be recommended. This contains many findings which will put your mind at rest, e.g. that it is absolutely not a problem to wake up several times a night and has nothing to do with deep sleep!
  • Many fellow sufferers also report that mood or sleep problems during the winter months can be explained by a lack of the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is primarily discharged in daylight. Anyone who tends to suffer from winter depression can have so-called daylight neon tubes installed at home or in the office. These simulate the existence of summery daylight for the body and therefore also the hormone system, even when it is dull and dark outside.
  • If you notice that you have depressive moods, it is important to occasionally overcome them and become active again, as difficult as it is. I do not intend to go into the issue of serious depression at this point. In this case, amino acids would be recommendable as an accompaniment to treatment.
  • You should absolutely not shy away from visiting a psychologist. Depression has now unfortunately become rather commonplace. The good news is that there are specialists who can help.

Finally, a brief comment about depression. In a desperate situation, you feel like things will never get better. But, rest assured: they will!

I am really pleased about all of many the e-mails I've received that confirm this experience!

So many alarming and scary things can be read on the internet about sleep disorders. Experiences are described in forums, which downright intimidate and extremely unsettle the reader. Believe me, this is only because people unfortunately only seek advice and sympathy in such discussion forums during their most dreary phases. As soon as the respective person feels better again (and at some point, EVERYONE feels better), the recovery story is virtually never published.


Addendum from November 2010

Well, the cold, dark days are upon us again, after such a disappointing summer weather-wise. I have therefore decided to escape the doom and gloom as much as possible by going to the sauna regularly to relax and having a few sunbeds. I have always felt great after the solarium, but of course it is important not to go over the top! For the last few evenings I've been doing a bit of sport to stay active, or have met up with friends. The best way to fight those winter blues, if you ask me! As for the amino acids, I'm still taking them daily and getting along fine with them.


Addendum from September 2009:

I am still doing fine on the amino acids. Autumn is on the way and for the first time in a long time, I no longer fear winter depression or the melancholy that goes with it. I intend to really look after myself by reading some good books, relaxing and getting as much fresh air as possible during the day to help me sleep at night. I am still more of a summer person, but I doubt this will ever change. However, I have learned how to deal with winter and appreciate its beauty and other positive aspects.